Auris Apothecary is a sensory-driven macro-label hailing from Bloomington, Indiana which embraces obscure formats, atypical packaging, and do-it-yourself ethics. We publish limited editions of experimental audio/visual works with unlimited boundaries from our ever-growing family of artists located throughout the world.

Auris Apothecary is a Midwestern publisher of limited edition experimental audio/visual media from artists located around the world.

We embrace obscure formats, atypical packaging, and DIY ethics.

Established MMIX.


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We operate under utilitarian principles, focusing on minimalist design and maximum aesthetic. Through bizarre alterations of audio/visual mediums and tangible implementations of abstract concepts, we seek to raise the threshold of interactivity for audiences in a normally passive activity, and push artistic limits to their logical (and sometimes illogical) extremes.


When Auris Apothecary was first an idea proposed by the triumvirate made up of Dante Augustus Scarlatti, Ancient Pine, and Pendra Gon, we had no expectations - only ambitions. What started as an absurdist abstract notion of making music you couldn't actually listen to, eventually settled with the idea of a simple, DIY record label to release our own music, as well as the constant influx of amazing works coming out of our friends and family.

Since our first release in March 2009 CE, we have strived to uphold the virtue of the physical format, embracing and experimenting with countless obsolete mediums in the quest to bring physical interactivity to the listening experience. Though our methods have been admittedly unorthodox (to say the least), our aim has never been to simply present more music into an already over-saturated world. Instead, we thrive on the cohesive intertwining of audio and visual into a fully-realized, definitive version of the concept; a timeless artifact that will forever present its aesthetic faithfully.


In addition to physical artifacts, Auris Apothecary curates Black Mass, a series of experiential events ranging from concerts to exhibits featuring a wide array of artists in all realms of the underground. Coordinated as a multimedia experience, Black Mass events often feature video projections, ambient lighting, and a high-quality audio/visual capture of the performances for publishing online.


Our artists represent a carefully-curated roster of individuals & groups located throughout the United States and international community. From the deepest recesses of the underground to critically-acclaimed composers, we have worked with artists of all calibers and genres in a continuing effort to highlight those we feel are advancing the limits of their respective cultures.


On Halloween of 2016, Auris Apothecary launched Deathwave TV, an all-video subsidiary whose mission is to document, archive, and publish audio/visual content featuring bands and artists from the underground to mainstream. Through live concert captures, interviews, spotlight videos, features, and more, we aim to use the camera as our paintbrush in sharing compelling looks into the eclectic world of artistry that surrounds us.


In 2013, Auris Apothecary founded the Artifex Guild, an all-ages multi-function space situated inside an early 20th century bungalow-style house in Bloomington, Indiana with a mission to provide an intimate environment to experience unique sensory events. Our main focus is on all forms of experimental music, screenings of obscure film & video works, art exhibits, and other various forms of underground expression. We ceased operation of the Artifex Guild in May of 2017.


We've been featured in a few noteworthy publications that help explain our mission as well as offer commentary on the behind the scenes of this operation. We've selected a few for viewing below:

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March 2017 - Bandcamp - "The Auris Apothecary Label Has the 'Very Real Desire to Destroy Everything'"

August 2014 - Existence Establishment - "Label Spotlight"

October 2011 - The Wire - "Analog Alchemy: Auris Apothecary and the Anti-Cassette"


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Privacy Policy


To all parties interested in being released on Auris Apothecary: While we appreciate the hard work that goes into crafting new sounds & understand the eternal struggle of the DIY artist, unfortunately our release queue is planned many seasons in advance, and we are not working with any outside artists for the foreseeable future.