Independence Day of "Ameritheism"

July 4, 2014 | Announcements

TO BEGIN: All pre-orders for the Spring 2014 Batch and its assorted bundles have been shipped, and most should already be at their destinations. A massive thank you to everyone who purchased copies, and we hope the wait proved worthy. If your package hasn't arrived yet and Paypal didn't send you a tracking number, please email us directly for a copy of it.


For a very special Fourth of July celebration here in the good old United States, we are pleased to present the digital release of Ameritheism, a manifesto by DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI whose purpose is to bring this country to its knees.

Ameritheism is a hyper-digital, scathing analysis of the facade that is religion and politics in the modern American climate. Each of the 13 tracks, in precise 60 second intervals, take on single topics of mass significance with lyrics designed to strike right at the core of American political failures. Utilizing only a single guitar, a single microphone and a computer, each song was crafted by feeding drum triggering software the individual instrument and vocals tracks to spit out an overwhelming wall of chaotic percussion beneath the dense compositions of epic punk/metal/grind intensity with soapbox-esque megaphone declarations at the forefront.

The physical version (coming soon) will include a 50-page book containing artwork, charts, citations, & further scientific evidence in support of the claims made, as well as a word-for-word transcript of the lyrics for maximum conceptual examination.

AS A SPECIAL: Anyone who purchases the digital version of Ameritheism right now will be entitled to $5 off the purchase price of the physical version when it arrives.



LASTLY: Sometime in the very near future, both Ameritheism & BOOK OF SAND's The Bees and the Butterflies will be available for purchase, with TBatB set up as a pre-order due to the ornate & limited nature of the physical edition. With the imminent completion of these last two releases, we are poised for AAX-100 to arrive in September 2014 CE, capping off our first 100 releases and closing the door on the first chapter of Auris Apothecary with a special release, new website, and physical gathering at our space the Artifex Guild. More details on everything coming in the future...