The Artifex Guild - An Epilogue

May 1, 2017 | Announcements

After exactly 4 years of existence, we have officially closed The Artifex Guild.

Like all things, The Artifex Guild started as a simple idea. We (Auris Apothecary) had been apprenticing at In Case of Emergency Press, the screen-print operation that existed inside the building for half a decade. When the print shop was moved to a new location, we collaborated with ICOEP to form a new artistic space to host events in a low-key, DIY environment that was neutral enough for anything.

We started work in May of 2013, and spent three months preparing the space. We painted the walls and floors, installed new countertops, a utility sink, a kitchen bar, a new toilet and bathroom floor, new support beams in the basement, fixed gaping holes in the bathroom walls, built sound panels, etc etc etc. After a Summer spent laboring, our first event was on Friday the 13th of September, 2013.

What began as a small partnership with ICOEP over time blossomed into an organization of individuals dedicated to curating compelling concerts and spreading their love for music to new and familiar faces alike. Through the members’ financial contributions alone we paid for the space as well as the events entirely out of our own pockets.

Over the course of its life, The Artifex Guild hosted 70 concerts, art exhibits, video screenings, parties, and other experiential events that celebrated the artistic community of Bloomington and the many creative individuals who pass through here. Although our focus leaned heavily on the experimental side, we saw everything from nearly silent acoustic performances to power-violence pumped through a literal wall of amps performed in our hallowed halls. Admittedly, the space was tiny, and sometimes so were the crowds, but our determination to support the artistic community in a tangible way forced us to persevere.

In addition to public events, The Artifex Guild served as a private creative space for a dozen local members, each of which employed unique artistic mediums ranging from music and painting, to photography and more. Over 100 band practices were conducted here. Countless recording sessions were captured, mixed, and mastered here. Music videos were filmed here. Photography sessions for a pinup mag were shot here. Musical gear was built and fixed here. Multiple paintings were conceived and laid to canvas here. Releases for Auris Apothecary were constructed here. The list goes on and on…

We’d like to thank Jarod of In Case of Emergency Press, who has served as the Godfather of The Artifex Guild since day one, and without whom none of this would be possible. We’d also like to thank the countless masses of people who have visited and supported The Artifex Guild since its inception, as well as the multitude of incredibly talented artists, bands, and musicians that have performed their craft here. It’s been an honor hosting you all.

Forever onward and upward!

- Auris Apothecary

A small PS: As a memento from The Artifex Guild, we decided to print up a small handful of t-shirts for the final show. For a limited time, we're offering up the last few & willing to print more for folks who didn't get one or couldn't physically make it to the show. Features a hand-drawn version of The Artifex Guild house on deluxe, ultra-soft white Next Level t-shirts using black water-based ink.

The Artifex Guild - Memorial T-Shirt