Introducing: Ariadne

August 22, 2015 | Artist Spotlight


ARIADNE is a "sacred music duo" hailing from Brooklyn, New York comprised of Benjamin Forest & Christine Lanx, both graduates of Indiana University's esteemed music school. We first met ARIADNE in 2010 when they were performing with their past band PANTREE OWL at a Live From Bloomington concert for the 2010 compilation CD, of which Hail Architeuthis!, th' Empires, and Pantree were all on. The bombastic electronics of BF and the captivating vocals of CL immediately resonated with us, and from that moment until the present we have desired to work with them in any form.

After their graduation and move away from Bloomington, we patiently waited for the rebirth of anything from these talented musicians. To our excitement, ARIADNE was formed in 2014 as the new banner under which the duo of CL and BF created music, but their aesthetic had reached a fully realized, mature evolution that is awe-inspiring and progressive.

ARIADNE is currently touring in support of their debut physical release Tsalal, a 6-track audio/visual experience contained on a 4GB microSD card which revels in darkness through atmospheric electronic music, extravagant choral passages, and matching computer-generated videos for each track.

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Ariadne is a sacred music duo, comprised of Christine Lanx and Benjamin Forest. Their focus lies in the fixed framework of ritual interspersed with sacred and secular symbolism. Influenced by the canonical hours, their sound contains modern chant-like vocalises, Anglican choral textures, and percussive soundscapes in dense sonic textures.

Ariadne at Black Mass XXXIII:

This video is from their recent performance at our Black Mass event series, and it perfectly captures their ominous and atmospheric live show, complete with synchronized video projections and a low-lying fog machine.