Introducing: Rare Candies

May 27, 2015 | Artist Spotlight


RARE CANDIES is the brand new moniker/project from the artist formerly known as DESERTER, one of Auris Apothecary's closest friends and accomplices. We first met RARE CANDIES (G. Simpson) in 2006 through a mutual friendship with TYLER DAMON, and quickly sparked a kinship through our love of heavy music. Throughout his tenure as guitarist in Bloomington-based GRAVITAS we followed his works closely, ever encouraging him to also pursue his solo works. In the year leading up to Auris' introduction to the world, we lived together at the Hellion Manor, we worked together in a shitty restaurant kitchen, and we played music together in our dimly lit basement - all the while setting the stage for a blossoming creative relationship that continues into the present.

We couldn't be more excited with the direction of RARE CANDIES, as it signals an evolutionary maturation into songwriting territory, featuring a lo-fi bedroom pop aesthetic with undeniable charm.

RARE CANDIES is currently in the process of assembling members to form a live incantation as well as recording a new full length all-analog LP coming sometime in the undetermined future.


Deserter at Black Mass XXX:

These songs would go on to become the foundation for RARE CANDIES' first release, the 4-song demo Love Is Everywhere released on April 20th, 2015.



Currently located in Newport, Kentucky, RARE CANDIES is the solo compositions of G. Simpson, formerly known as DESERTER. Utilizing all analog cassette mixers, RARE CANDIES lays down lo-fi bedroom pop anthems featuring an intimate production and revealing lyrical content, touching on moments of early emo, pop ballads, dreary shoegaze, and wild sonic explorations. Featuring vocal work for the first time in his career, RARE CANDIES delivers anecdotes of life, love, and the meaning of existence through a reserved and rich voice, teetering on moments of joyous elation to dismal Leonard Cohen-esque somberness.