10 Years Ago, Auris Apothecary Entered This Earth

March 3, 2019 | Featured

10 years ago, Auris Apothecary was launched into the physical & digital worlds with a quiet murmur and little fanfare. 10 years later, and little change.

A blessing or a curse? "______"


3 new merch releases to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.

AAX-M26 : Auris Apothecary - Warped Logo T-Shirt

A warped, eye-bending manifestation of our new split logo featuring a living rhythm of graphical lines beneath. NOTICE: This is a pre-order.

AAX-M24 : Auris Apothecary - One Inch Button Pack #2

Metallic badges of honor adorned in greyscale, featuring 3 designs of varying legibility. Limited edition of 100, sealed & staple-bound in micro ziplocs with black/white foldover labels.

AAX-M25 : Auris Apothecary - Split Logo Sticker

Screen-printed vinyl stickers featuring our new "Split" logo design