A Black & White Beginning to Spring

March 31, 2017 | Featured

Continuing our descent into absurdity in 2017, "the Anti Year," we're pleased to present a triumvirate of black & white (literally and metaphorically) releases.

AAX-161 : Dante Augustus Scarlatti & Lather. - Severed Circuits

anti-cassette C30 | Limited Edition of 50

No strangers to the abrasive, DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI and LATHER. team up to present a "split" anti-cassette of audio assaults capturing an individual solo track per artist as well as a side-long collaborative piece utilizing power tools, tape cards, oscillators, contact mics, and more.

AAX-152 : Duane Graves & Justin Meeks - Headcheese

VHS T30 | Limited Edition of 75

Shot on 8MM & 16MM black and white film stock and loosely based on Luke 8:29 in the New Testament, Headcheese is the gritty account of a deranged man's unholy psyche while on a bizarre pilgrimage to Quick Hill, Texas to rid his soul of feeble-minded parasites. Originally released in 2001, available for the first time ever as its own pressing. Co-produced by Kim Henkel, co-writer of the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

AAX-153 : Various Artists - Headcheese (Original Soundtrack)

cassette C64 | Limited Edition of 75

The full-length soundtrack to the film Headcheese, featuring a handful of experimental artists delivering compositions ranging from harsh cut-up noise and abrasive dissonance to slow building rhythms and static-filled rumblings.