Agakus - The Star's Fifth Point is Light now available

July 29, 2016 | Featured

Appropriately arriving in the dead heat of Summer, the new cassette from local wasters AGAKUS is now available for purchase. Featuring 8 tracks of trudging, repetitive doom in an ultra-stripped down version, The Star's Fifth Point is Light traverses a murky and hopeless existence filled with heavy tones, howling vocals, and atmospheric saxophone and french horn (seriously).


In addition to the physical edition, AGAKUS teamed up with Dante Augustus Scarlatti to shoot a creepy, entirely NSFW music video for the track "Eat You" which pays homage to low budget horror films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Filmed using completely natural lighting as well as pure candlelight, the video is a 7+ minute short film which expands upon the themes of the song. What starts as a mysterious basement hostage situation turns into a much more evil affair when brought upstairs...

Heathen Harvest was kind enough to premiere the music video for "Eat You," and you can check out their writeup HERE, or view the video in its entirety below.


Lastly, Black Mass XXXIX is happening this Saturday, July 30th at the Artifex Guild here in Bloomington, Indiana, and it's the official release show for The Star's Fifth Point is Light. We encourage all local folks to come out for a loud and raucous time.