ARIADNE CD Reissues & EU Tour

June 12, 2019 | Featured

In conjunction with ARIADNE's first ever European tour, which starts today, we're excited to announce limited edition reissues of ARIADNE's first two releases. Pressed in undisclosed edition sizes on professionally printed CDr's, the material is available for the first time in physical form on mediums which preserve the highest fidelity possible while offering the convenience of easy playback. Housed in identical packaging styles of slimline black DVD cases with glossy printed booklets, the pressings are minimal yet wholly encompassing of ARIADNE's stunning visual aesthetic.

The reissues are officially releasing on June 13th, 2019, but there's a catch! - You can't buy these. At least not from us, not right now, not on this continent. The only way to purchase these special reissue editions is to catch ARIADNE on one of their live dates in Europe over the next 2 weeks. When they return, maybe we'll have some to sell. Maybe not.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

12TH Blah blah, Torino, IT
13TH Le Brin de Zinc, Chambery, FR
15TH Southville Crypt at St Paul's Church, Bristol, UK
16TH The Golden Lion, Todmorden, UK
17TH The Peer Hat, Manchester, UK
18TH Sutton House, London, UK
19TH Kinky Star, Gent, BE
21ST MS Stubnitz, Hamburg, DE
22ND Komplex, Chemnitz, DE
23RD Punctum, Prague, CZ
24TH Wolskie Centrum Kultury, Warsaw, PL
26TH Kiezsalon, Berlin, DE
28TH Macao, Milan, IT