Gnaw Bone's "Scorched Earth" Now Available As Bone-Infused Record

January 15, 2018 | Featured

At long last, the new EP "Scorched Earth" by Bloomington, Indiana's GNAW BONE has been released. Featuring 4 tracks of doom, death, sludge, and black metal mixed into a swampy elixir, "Scorched Earth" has been released in two versions: a Standard Edition featuring the album on 180 gram clear vinyl, as well as a Deluxe Edition with actual bone fragments pressed into each copy, creating a first of its kind bone-infused vinyl record that is 100% playable with minimal audio imperfections.

The deluxe edition of “Scorched Earth” was made in collaboration with NORP Laboratories, a subsidiary of New Orleans Record Press. Launched in 2017 and opened to the public in January 2018, New Orleans Record Press is the first and only independently owned and operated vinyl record manufacturing plant in the city’s history. NORP performed hours of research & development to create the records, meticulously placing the pieces of bone into the vinyl press by hand for each & every copy. The result is a stunning audio artifact that is as beautiful as it is unique.


AAX-160 : Gnaw Bone - Scorched Earth [Deluxe]

12" bone-infused clear vinyl | Limited Edition of 50

Deluxe Edition includes 12" bone-infused clear vinyl inside pro-printed 24pt jacket, with a double-sided full color insert, a screen-printed white/black insert, a hand-numbered certificate describing the creation process, a loose set of center labels, and a small clear box of bone shards.

NOTICE: Deluxe Editions are still being printed and assembled, and should ship out within a week or so. This is a pre-order.

We're only selling a handful of Deluxe Editions through our Pharmacy. The rest will be exclusively available at select distros, record stores, and from the band.

AAX-160 : Gnaw Bone - Scorched Earth [Standard]

12" clear vinyl | Limited Edition of 250

Standard Edition includes 180 gram 12" clear vinyl inside pro-printed 24pt jacket with double-sided full color insert.

Folks in Bloomington can pick up a copy in person tonight at the "Scorched Earth" record release show:

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