July 2021 Batch Now Available

July 30, 2021 | Featured

After a year off, we are excited to return with 5 new releases ranging from cryptsludge to harsh noise to spoken word, as well as our brand new (old) Auris Apothecary brand USB Floppy Disk Drives and an illegible glow in the dark sticker. Completely random assortment but that's always been our jam! Pick them all up now in the Pharmacy.

AAX-M28 : Auris Apothecary - USB Floppy Disk Drive


AAX-189 : IT IS DEAD - A Place of Darkness


AAX-188 : Kaltrunner - Dirteater II


AAX-169 : Steve Henn - A View from the Pews


AAX-M27 : Auris Apothecary - "Inscrutable" Glow in the Dark Sticker