Lathering Hot Sauce on Anti-Cassettes

December 7, 2017 | Featured

With a cool breeze blowing and dropping temperatures here in the Midwest, we're pleased to announce two new releases which aim to heat up your world. December sees the return of spastic punk duo EX FAUNA via a hot sauce, inspired by a song they wrote about a hot sauce, which prompted them to make their own version of said hot sauce. Also arriving is the third and final anti-cassette this year from solo junk noise sculptor LATHER, who we've been proud to collaborate with in such destructive detail in 2017.

PS: We decided to break one of our cardinal rules and release an item with no intrinsic musical value or method of playback. But it’s 2017, the Anti Year, so fuck it.

AAX-162 : Lather. - Aseptic Conditioning

anti-cassette C6 encased in foil | Limited Edition of 39

Solo junk noise featuring broken electronics, oscillations, and aluminum foil.

AAX-166 : Ex Fauna - RIRHS

Hot Sauce / Digital | Limited Edition of 48

A short and ridiculous disjointed pop love song to a coveted condiment through angular punk, which inspired this custom hot sauce.


AAX-160: Gnaw Bone - Scorched Earth

12" LP [clear 200 gram] | Digital

Gnaw Bone returns with a revised trio lineup and four brand new slabs of blackened metal on ultra-heavyweight clear vinyl with full color jacket & insert.