Samhain 2015 Batch Now Available

November 1, 2015 | Featured

Although we're technically late to our own celebration, it's because we've had a busy All Hallow's week! Two Halloween concerts, all-night screen printing sessions, tape dubbing, tape melting, photograph taking and more. And as a special twist this year, in place of our Halloween batch we're doing one in honor of Samhain, November 1st, the end of the harvest year.

TO BEGIN: All pre-orders of the Autumn Batch are being shipped on Wednesday. We apologize for the delay, and as a thank you for your patience, we're offering a free shipping coupon that's good for any orders in the USA through the end of this week (November 1st - 7th). The only catch is that you have to be a registered member to use it, and the actual code is listed in the MY ACCOUNT dashboard. Prospective members can sign up by visiting the same link or clicking on the image below and registering a username, email, and password.


We have 3 new releases ripe and ready for slaughter, each a snapshot of the bizarre, blackened, or blasphemous. Two of them, both anti-releases, are a return to form for us and an indication of some of the new wave that we're finally creeping up to. The third is a short but deadly one-sided 6.66" lathe cut single from across the pond celebrating ancient Samhain rituals of human sacrifice. Good times!

No audio streams for the anti-releases (like always), but more information can be found on the respective release pages by clicking on the photos below:


AAX-113 : Unholy Triforce - The Library of Babel

- 12" anti-record [one-sided lathe cut]
- screen-printed B side artwork
- screen-printed A side alphanumeric chaos over the audio grooves

Edition of 50


AAX-107 : Unholy Triforce - Siberiliszt Inferno

- anti-cassette C6 melted into oblivion
- housed in transparent plastic box

Edition of 71


AAX-123 : Torture Corpse - Third Human Sacrifice to Samhain

- one-sided 6.66" lathe cut with B-side screen print
- housed in clear picture disc sleeve with screen printed art

Edition of 66

PS: A little taste of Alder Glade's "Exordium"...