"Spastic Trash" Batch Now Available

May 5, 2017 | Featured

We're pleased as always to present a new bundle of releases that we've been feverishly working on. Titled the "Spastic Trash Batch," these 2 releases both feature Joel Henline, a musician and close friend whom we've known for most of our life and have always loved his weird & off-kilter style of playing. Joel lived in Bloomington for over 10 years, only a few minutes away from us. Last Summer he moved to Chicago, and in a strange coincidence we're releasing his very first Bloomington band's recording in tandem with the last band he played in before leaving. This batch serves as metaphorical bookends to his time here, and we couldn't be more excited about the abrasive, spastic, trash-filled recordings that he's created.

AAX-133 : Ex Fauna - Hyperventilate!

7" vinyl / cassette C6 | Each format limited to 33 copies

3 tracks of spastic, abrasive, noisy punk featuring dual screamed vocals from a brand new duo.

AAX-138 : Ox-Eye - Axe to Grind

cassette C20 | Limited Edition of 30

Instrumental punk duo featuring slimy bass riffs and tons of tempo changes with a production quality that is overblown to the max.

As mentioned in our last post, The Artifex Guild is officially closed, but as a memento, we decided to print up a small handful of t-shirts for the final show. For a limited time, we’re offering up the last few & willing to print more for folks who didn’t get one or couldn’t physically make it to the show. Features a hand-drawn version of The Artifex Guild printed on 100% cotton deluxe Next Level brand white t-shirts with black water-based ink.