Unsung Eulogies

Released September 09, 2009



Solo electric guitar performances of somber yet reflective posthumous odes to expired artists, writers, drunks and legends.

From the packaging: "All sounds on this tape are a 1970's Electra Les Paul copy being played through a 1966 50 watt BF Fender Bassman into a full stack in an empty room at the Hellion Manor, recorded live in single takes on July 29th, 2009 CE."


Russian Green cardstock tape wrap with hand-cut viewing window and gold/white cardstock 3-panel insert with black laser printing on front/back. Spray painted white tapes, hand-written serial number and wax seal - all in gold.


01 - 04:01 - For K. Vonnegut, Jr.
02 - 02:24 - For S.P. Smith
03 - 08:11 - For R.F. Asheton
04 - 07:30 - For H.C. Bukowski
05 - 07:30 - For W.M. Hicks