Lupsam Regnatra

Released April 02, 2011

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PENDRA GON presents a euphonic two-part soundtrack for a voyage to, through, and around vast and inconceivable outerspacial phenomena. On this journey, experience the gravitic power of a massive magnetar, as well as the oscillating output of electromagnetic energy from a revolving pulsar. The two distinctly united soundscapes presented on this cassette will provide brooding, quizzical, and spacious passages to guide on your expedition, where the universe will clearly demonstrate the concepts of enormity and insignificance.


Black cardstock with artwork printed with glow-in-the-dark silkscreen ink, covering a soft plastic poly case. Transparent and white cassettes spray-painted glow-in-the-dark and stamped with black ink. Serial number in black ink.


A1 - 07:17 - ]   ]  ] ]] MAGNETAR ]] ]  ]   ]
B1 - 07:51 - (( (  (   (   PULSAR   )  ) ))