Released March 31, 2015

  • format: VHS T10 |
  • edition size: 50
  • duration: 00:07:50
  • accessibility:


10 years ago, a dead bird was found on the sidewalk in front of the Ghost House, the location where Auris Apothecary was conceived. Not one to miss an opportunity, Dante Augustus Scarlatti documented the naturally-occurring organic process of decay over a period of 2 weeks, capturing the continuing degradation of the carcass and the resulting insect empire which had formed around the rotting monument. Through synchronized manipulations of the video's original audio source, Dante Augustus Scarlatti created an over-saturated wall of HNW clocking in at just a little under 8 minutes in length, but the sheer starkness of the material seems to make it last an eternity. Unrelentingly bleak, Decaytrium serves both as a disgusting tribute and a visual reminder to the destructive intensity of the natural world's most consistent phenomenon - death.


- Black hardshell VHS case with full color insert artwork
- Black VHS tape with full color spine label
- 8 page b/w zine of stills from video


VIDEO - 07:50 - Decaytrium