Love is Everywhere

Released April 20, 2015

  sold-out   DIGITAL


New EP from artist formerly known as DESERTER. Features 4 tracks of lo-fi cassette recorded bedroom pop cut onto 7″ circles of clear polycarbonate. Includes a haunting cover of “Buddy” by Snapper performed in memory of Peter Gutheridge, as well as tracks that take cues from Guided by Voices, Elliot Smith, and Pedro the Lion.

Notice: Due to the hand-made nature of lathe cut records, the fidelity & consistency of each copy will vary slightly. An assortment of audio ailments such as dropouts, warble, pitch-bending, static, crackle, hiss & extreme frequency shifting are to be expected, and all flaws which may arise are entirely condoned as adding cohesion to the release concept.


- 7" square lathe cut records made from 1/16" thick polycarbonate
- Baby blue or pink 100lb French paper foldover sleeves
- 2 color silkscreen printing in white & black ink
- Clear center labels with black printing
- Serial number in black ink


A1. Buddy
A2. Run Clear
B1. Love is Everywhere
B2. June Song