Micro Worlds

Released August 31, 2016

  • format: microcassette MC90 |
  • edition size: 36
  • duration: 00:41:00
  • accessibility:
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Goodhands Team are a Bloomington, Indiana entity whose members are a revolving cast of noisemakers across the instrumental spectrum. Utilizing electric guitar, turntables, oscillators, acoustic percussion, synthesizers, app-based generators, and more, GHT are a swirling mass of ambiance manifested into a structureless sonic fluid.

The 3 tracks of Micro Worlds are precisely as their title describes, movements that feel like a zoomed in portion of amoebic activity, dense with sounds but vague in destination. Ranging from bell-like synthesizer tones and looping locked grooves to spacey hip-hop beats and glitchy appregiations, Micro Worlds transverses a detailed map of electronic music in all its varied forms. The microcassette format furthers the experience with a distinctly lo-fi interpretation, adding tape saturation and hiss to the genre-bending compositions, ultimately twisting them into a new creation altogether.

Includes a digital download code.


– Full color 5-panel insert in clear hardshell case (2 color variations)
– Transparent microcassette shells with translucent ink around spine


A1 – 13:21 – Micro World 1
A2 – 13:58 – Micro World 2
A3 – 13:41 –Micro World 3