Blue Moon

Released April 01, 2019



EX FAUNA return with an EP of spastic experimental punk featuring noisy outbursts, dissonant guitar, bombastic drumming, and a dual vocal assault. Conceived & written entirely in one day, then recorded the next, "Blue Moon" is a collection of 4 distinct but equally eccentric tracks created & captured in a weekend locked away inside the Artifex Guild. With a floor covered in effects pedals and noisemakers, couches turned sideways for sound dampening, and 2 full stacks of amplified cacophony, EX FAUNA embraced their experimental side and came out weirder because of it. The addition of atmospheric oscillations and delay-filled electronic wails between tracks offers time for reflection, but EX FAUNA balances the scales with songs like the dissonant and repetitive "Frequency #U27" and the fuzzed-out, doom-inspired title track "Blue Moon." The dual vocals encompass the listener from both sides of the stereo spectrum, emitting everything from harsh screams and gang vocals to guttural, phlegm-soaked utterances of pure noise. "Blue Moon" is a roller-coaster of spastic punk dynamics and absurdist lyrical content, capturing an explosive session of spontaneity from a band still adolescent in their explorations.

Recorded and mixed by Ex Fauna. Records lathe cut in amazing stereo fidelity by


  • Hi-fi clear stereo 7″ lathe cut
  • Blue/white labels
  • Double-sided cardstock foldover
  • Double-sided black/white insert on blue cardstock


A1 – 01:50 – Frequency #U27
A2 – 02:21 – Mechanical God
B1 – 02:36 – Blue Moon
B2 – 01:48 – Swinelickers