Dante Augustus Scarlatti & Lather.
Severed Circuits



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INFO: Between their two musical careers, LATHER and DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI have released over a dozen albums of sounds that push the boundaries of what can be constituted as “music,” constantly striving for a higher (or perhaps lower) plane of existence. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we present the merging of these artists into a single potent release of supremely destructive ideals. Severed Circuits is our very first official “split tape,” featuring a single untitled solo track per artist on the B-side, as well as a collaborative recording on the A-side to kick things off. Severed Circuits captures LATHER and DAS at their most harsh and primal forms, consisting of power tools, tape card loops, contact mics, oscillators, and effects pedals all coalescing into a visceral output of amplified chaos. The title is a reference to the broken DAT machine which was sacrificed in the recording process through total decimation of the circuit board, components, and case with a drill, hammer, and belt sander.

While Severed Circuits is an unrepentant maelstrom of violent sounds, it’s partnered with a B-side that finds the individual artist’s offering their own piece of the puzzle in a slightly more reserved fashion. LATHER’s track is a piercing, harsh noise wall mantra of feedback and white noise, evolving & grinding through a treble-filled assault of needles for your ears. DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI on the other hand, opts for a more soul-crushing drone of murky subsonic textures and over-saturated tape distortion, forming a fluid, astable ocean of sludge.

Taking the idea of a split tape entirely too literally, Severed Circuits has been sliced into two cassette halves, each featuring the artist’s perfectly-cued solo tracks as well as the collaborative title track cut down the middle. Equal parts symmetrical and illogical, Severed Circuits is one of the most abrasive pieces of music we’ve ever released, and is a stunning document of two Bloomington artists focused on the single mission of total destruction.

– Transparent prison shell cassette sliced in half
– Hand-scratched artist letter on bottom of tape
– Clear hub-less hardshell norelco cases
– Screen-printed obi with white ink on black 100lb paper
– Serial numbered in black ink

FORMAT: anti-cassette C30 [TYPE II - Chrome+]


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