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INFO: Hyperventilate! is as short as it is weird, clocking in at only 4 minutes long (exactly) but covering an insane amount of territory in that time-span. From the first notes of the opening track Old Friend, EX FAUNA establish a pattern of spastic intensity aided by the dual vocal assault and distortion filled riffs that hark to JH's past projects while also showing an evolution in ferocity. The elementary yet bombastic nature of EX FAUNA's drumming is a perfect balance to the complicated guitar work, opting for repetitive pummeling bursts in place of technicality. Throughout Hyperventilate!, EX FAUNA exhibit their penchant for absurd lyrical concepts and disgusting imagery, including such nauseating ideas as the track "Shit-Stained Teeth," or the entirely-too-descriptive phrases from the title track Hyperventilate: "fingers skin peeling from the bone, eyeballs hanging from their sockets, tongues ripped down the middle, eardrums with blood pouring from them."

EX FAUNA's debut is odd and abrasive, but also manages to capture a visceral potency fueled by an impulsive desire to compose music as quickly as possible. Too heavy to be punk but too spastic to be metal, Hyperventilate! is noisy, juvenile, off-the-wall outbursts of overblown weirdness compressed into a single serving of chaos.

NOTICE: Although technically a lathe cut, the vinyl edition has been cut in ultra hi-fi stereo using a deluxe machine onto high quality blanks, and is comparable in quality and fidelity to a legitimate pressed record. However, they were also incredibly expensive, hence the price.

  • 7" foldover sleeve printed on 100lb matte white paper
  • 6x double-sided b/w inserts on rainbow colored cardstock
  • Full color download card
  • VINYL: one-sided clear 7" lathe cut in hi-fi stereo

FORMAT: one-sided 7" vinyl record [clear lathe cut]

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 1 in


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