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INFO: When JH and BW first formed EX FAUNA on a random day after working at the print shop together, it only took one practice to write the first song. When it came time for lyrics, rather than opting for poetic pretentions, they chose the first thing that came to mind and decided to pen a ballad to something truly dear to both of their hearts...hot sauce. But not just any hot sauce! A specific blend from the smallest state in the Union, which they rationed meagerly with each print shop meal due it's scarcity and hard to obtain status.

As ridiculous a notion as it was, "RIRHS" was born, and the track couldn't be more literal in its message. Taking lyrics directly from the sauce name, copy on the bottle, and a forceful, screamed reading off of the ingredients, "RIRHS" is a short 2-minute tribute to a seemingly ordinary condiment. Musically, it's short and catchy, a departure from EX FAUNA's later, more abrasive leanings. The riffs are still dirty, dissonant, and coated heavily in ring modulator and distortion, but somehow remain groovy. The percussion is amateur yet powerful, at times bouncing between moments of sustained crashes then veering into manic blasts of a trashy fashion. "RIRHS" is a disjointed pop love song written by 2 guys who don't know the meaning of the word "melodic."

The physical edition of "RIRHS" is a custom, homemade hot sauce crafted by EX FAUNA using locally-sourced organic produce, as well as peppers grown in the gardens of ANCIENT PINE (Auris Apothecary co-founder and purveyor of fine peppers). The recipe took over a year to perfect, and was reverse-engineered to be a close approximation (with some added artistic license) to the coveted sauce which "RIRHS" was written about.

The audio version of "RIRHS" is available immediately upon purchase as a digital download.


  • 5 oz. glass bottle with black plastic cap
  • Transparent labels with black screen-printed art
  • Black & white hang tags tied with 1/8" cassette tape
  • Serial number stamped in black ink
  • Sealed with black heat-shrink capsule
  • Homemade sauce

INGREDIENTS: Tomatoes, vinegar, red peppers, carrots, jalapenos, habaneros, salt, mustard seed, sugar, turmeric, spices, and hate (other insanely hot peppers).

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