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From the moment we met SITAR OUTREACH MINISTRY almost 13 years ago, we knew they were something special. SITAR OUTREACH MINISTRY have mastered a potent form of sonic magic wherein they manifest portals into alternate dimensions of space and time, transporting the listener to distant locations in the world, in history, or in the depths of their own mind. From a sunny Summer day in a field of butterflies and sunflowers to a smoke-filled opium den in an ancient Arabic land and beyond, SITAR OUTREACH MINISTRY exist as the soundtrack to experiences real and imagined.

The two tracks contained on the handmade, cut-in-real-time 7” lathe cut record “Embryonic Memories” are identified simply by their green or purple label artwork, with side “Green” featuring “Embryonic,” an extended, dramatized reimagining of Black Sabbath’s legendary instrumental intro which kicks off one of the heaviest songs of all time. Side “Purple” contains the track “Memories,” a dense but reserved mélange of acoustic, sitar, and subdued percussion which builds into an upbeat anthem of insightful and joyous revelations.

Originally recorded for no rhyme or reason in 2012 in a living room during a session for the release “Plastic Progeny” from the Locked Groove Lathe Plate Series, these recordings are a unique audio memory from the past, pulled forth from the vaults of time to finally be enjoyed in the light of the public.

Each physical edition includes a download card to redeem the tracks on the record as well as 2 exclusive additional tracks – “From” and “Before” – which were recorded during the same session and exist as fun additional takes of improvised creativity.

  • Transparent 7" square lathe cut record (polycarbonate)
  • Double-sided insert on matte white paper
  • Handmade foldover sleeve crafted from recycled paper scraps, flowers, herbs, and other plants harvested by the Cosmic Gardener
  • Housed inside clear picture disc sleeve with flap
  • Sticker on front of sleeve
  • Download card
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