Record Store Day 2015 + Sampler #4

April 18, 2015 | Announcements

Like so many others both locally and nationally, this year we're taking part in the glorious music-centric holiday known as Record Store Day. Although commercialism and major labels have started to negatively impact the nobly-intentioned date, we're nevertheless happy to promote the original mission statement of Record Store Day.

As purveyors of physical formats, we condone any excuse for modern music listeners to embrace tangible mediums, and we are overjoyed to see such an outpouring of support for our friends and associates at the local brick and mortar record stores. In particular, Landlocked Music and TD's, CD's & LP's - both of which were pinnacle in the growth of Auris Apothecary - whose support over the years has helped mold us into what we are today.

So! In celebration of Record Store Day, we're offering a special chance to pick up 2 of our newest releases exclusively at Bloomington's local stores, with copies going for sale online on Monday, April 20th.

AAX-102 : Annabel Lee - I Saw It All Unfold

12" + 7" + DVDr + Zine | Release Page


AAX-S04 : Various Artists - Sampler #4

CD-Record lathe cut | Release Page | Free Download

13 tracks from the 2015 releases, featuring 12 digital and a bonus 13th song, lathe cut into the bottom of the disc.


PS: The Spring 2015 Batch is nearing completion, and we predict copies to be shipping out starting next week. Watch your mailboxes!