Introducing: Diaphragmatic

April 14, 2015 | Artist Spotlight

As part of a new tradition, we're going to be spotlighting our newest artists, as well as alumni and current accomplices. In our premiere feature, we're pleased to introduce Diaphragmatic to the Apothecary family.


We first met Nate Tandy of Diaphragmatic in January of 2011, when a touring musician dropped off the bill of Black Mass XV just days before, and our friend Pusdrainer (also performing) recommended the Indiana-based Diaphragmatic, a name unknown to us. Without a single preconceived notion, we witnessed him obliterate a metal hotel pan with a high-powered drill, creating a cacophonous wall of physically-visceral noise. A fan was born.

Diaphragmatic at Black Mass XV:


Currently located in Fairfield, Indiana, Diaphragmatic has numerous releases under his belt on countless labels (including his own Foxhole Atheism) as well as collaborative efforts in projects such as Orgasmic Response Unit. Utilizing an ever-evolving consortium of equipment, his gear has included power drills,  chicken feeders, sheet metal, barbed wire, industrial farm equipment, and other such machinery in addition to vintage reel to reel machines, tape loops, and effect pedals.