New Site Feature : User Accounts

April 13, 2015 | Memos

As some of you have already noticed (and taken advantage of), one of the new features of our improved site is the ability for user accounts. Although originally designed for basic functions like commenting on news posts (see bottom of post) and saving of addresses for the storefront, we are expanding it into its own full-fledged membership system. While we've always tried to offer special updates and exclusive offerings to our mailing list folks, the list has become so large that we feel it no longer represents the core supporters who have loyally participated in our many audio/visual adventures.

Thus, we encourage all customers who wish to integrate themselves deeper into the Auris Apothecary experience to sign up for a (FREE) user account. Through it, you'll be able to take advantage of special contests, access hidden/exclusive content, receive coupon codes, be eligible to purchase secret items, track your orders, and much, much more in the near future.


Users can register by either visiting the MY ACCOUNT page directly, or by clicking the user icon in top right and selecting "Register". Upon arriving at the MY ACCOUNT page, enter your chosen Username, your Email, and a Password.



Click on the little user icon in the top right of your screen. On mobile devices where the "menu" icon is present, the user symbol will appear with the dropdown menu. Fill in your username and password and click LOGIN. You are now free to comment, and any exclusive content will appear on your user dashboard. To sign out, simply click your user icon in the top right.

NEWS-20150413-useraccounts2  NEWS-20150413-useraccounts3


As a purely cosmetic upgrade, users have the ability to upload custom avatars to be displayed beside comments. While it's completely unnecessary, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to add the feature. Check out your account dashboard to customize your upload. PS: The cropping feature doesn't work on mobile.



In conclusion, sign up! It's free, it's quick, and we can absolutely guarantee that registered users will be given exclusive priority whenever the occasion arises.

PS: Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and nothing about your account will ever be shared with or sold to anyone or anything, especially advertisers, corporations, law officials, governments, etc