Desecrated Waves of Death

October 31, 2016 | Featured

Anyone who has followed Auris in the past knows that Halloween is our favorite day of the year. From the crisp weather to the subtle embrace of evil by society, Halloween is simply a perfect day. In the spirit of the holiday, we're pleased to announce two recent creations:

Deathwave TV is an online entity which produces all original video content featuring artists, musicians, and bands from the deepest recesses of the underground to every spectrum above it. Through high-definition captures of performances in their entirety, we seek to use the audio/visual medium as our canvas in manifesting compelling looks into unique communities, and our mission is to document and promote the insane wealth of eclectic artistry that is happening all around us.

release-126-groupAAX-126: FRKSE - Desecration Anxiety I

12" vinyl record inside screen-printed jackets with double-sided insert.

The new full-length album from experimental artist FRKSE, sculptor of bleak atmospheres, tape loop rhythms, harsh tones, and a plethora of unsettling samples. With titles like “Witness to a Levitation Ruse” and “Delusion,” “Desecration Anxiety I” presents a theme of false prophets and the empty promises of spirituality by grinding through 12 tracks of FRKSE’s trademark sound. Vocal samples in a foreign tongue permeate passages of clanging chimes and atonal guitar while a pulsating beat provides a punishing underbelly of unrest.