Summer of Black Metal Batch Now Available

September 9, 2016 | Featured

After many long work sessions filled with construction, screen-printing, scoring, cutting, staining, and more, we're proud to present the Summer of Black Metal Batch. Featuring 3 pro-duplicated, hi-fi cassettes, the batch is also a globe-spanning affair with the inclusion of new artists Evergreen Refuge from Colorado, and A Diadem of Dead Stars from Volos, Greece. Running the gamut from folksy acoustic instrumentation to atmospheric and epic, and stretching as far as molten sludge and blackened doom, this batch is an absolute storm of sonic death.


AAX-125 : Gnaw Bone - Self-Titled

cassette C18 | Limited Edition of 150

Debut EP from brand new Bloomington, IN band GNAW BONE, featuring filthy black metal, doom, sludge, crust, and other primitive sounds at high volume.

Screen printed j-cards inside clear/white hardshell cases.

Split release with Sygil Records.


AAX-128 : Evergreen Refuge - Anima

cassette C60 | Limited Edition of 100

Acoustic folk mixed with blazing eco-centric black metal from Colorado.

Handmade wooden boxes with gold screen-printed art + photo inserts.


AAX-129 : A Diadem of Dead Stars - Kingdoms Bathed in Golden Light

cassette C55 | Limited Edition of 100

Ultra high fidelity atmospheric and epic black metal from Volos, Greece.

Screen printed j-cards inside hardshell cases. 50 Light Editions / 50 Dark Editions.