The Return of Unholy Triforce

February 22, 2022 | Featured

After complete silence from the Unholy Triforce camp for over 4 years, we are pleased to announce their return in full force with the arrival of 3x new offerings, including an anti-cassette filled with glitter, a CD pierced with nails, and a Fisher Price music box record cast in resin.

Unholy Triforce - Au Clair De La Lune (Music Box Record)

AAX-137 : UNHOLY TRIFORCE – Au Clair De La Lune

music box record | edition of 50

Unholy Triforce - Glitterbomb (anti-cassette)

AAX-131 : UNHOLY TRIFORCE – Glitterbomb

anti-cassette C13 filled with glitter | edition of 131

Unholy Triforce - Cru|cif|ict|ion (anti-CD)

AAX-137 : UNHOLY TRIFORCE – Cru|cif|ict|ion

anti-CD pierced with nails | edition of 99