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“Au Clair De La Lune” is perhaps one of the most infamous pieces of recorded media ever due to its status as some of the first sounds ever captured in a recording, occurring in 1860 by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville. However, nearly 100 years before that, music boxes were invented, perfected, and adopted as a form of mechanical musical reproduction, and continue to this day as cherished forms of musical delight. Thus, we are pleased to add some dissonance into that delight with a bastardized version of "Au Clair De La Lune," created through physical manipulation of an original Fisher Price music box record altered to remove notes as well as include multiple wrong notes. That prepared record was captured in a mold, then each copy was individually made by hand - mixed, dyed, cast in resin, drilled, and sanded. The resulting disc is an imperfect imprint, struggling as it plays and adding additional interference to a composition which is familiar turned unnerving, despite its pleasing tones. As purveyors of the abrasive and absurd, Unholy Triforce have spent over a decade assaulting the senses, making this release an odd but somehow appropriate addition to their typical output of uncomfortable sounds.

  • 5" grey resin-cast music box record
  • Screen-printed clear PVC box
  • Sealed in clear poly sleeve
  • Hand-stamped serial number

NOTE: This is designed to work exclusively with vintage Fisher Price brand music box "turntables" that use the mechanical wind up mechanism coupled with the metal music box "stylus" system of playback. Modern iterations of the product are digital and will not work with this release.

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Catalog # AAX-137
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