Label Spotlight on Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio

March 13, 2017 | Press

Justin at Anti-Gravity Bunny was kind enough to do a label spotlight about AA, featuring a whopping 2 HOURS of sounds from our back catalog. Check out the article below and pop on some headphones for a long, and sometimes laborious listen through the annals of AA.

Auris Apothecary is easily one of the coolest labels ever. They release an incredible variety of music (black metal, drone, harsh noise, fuzzy psych, chiptune, bedroom pop) by artists I already know and love (Sutekh Hexen, Sujo, William Basinski) and artists I would’ve never otherwise heard (Unholy Triforce, Hymnal Bruise, Morsunda).

And then there’s the packaging. They “spend countless hours perfecting each fold and drop of ink on [their] releases,” each is wholly unique (like Pendra Gon’s 16-song Mu Blaksids Nogard Nep that has each song on a separate 3.5″ floppy disk) and some considered as “anti-releases” that are unplayable (Unholy Triforce’s Siberiliszt Inferno cassette that’s melted beyond repair) or intentionally created to damage your equipment (Unholy Triforce’s The Library Of Babel vinyl whose grooves have been screen-printed over so your stylus gets irrevocably fucked up while it chips away the ink to reveal the audio underneath) or maybe just something you don’t even want to touch (Mike IX Williams’ Glass Torn And War Shortage tape that’s permanently covered in broken glass).

One of the dudes behind the label, Dante Augustus Scarlatti, was quoted in an article from The Wire saying “part of the absurdity in what we do is that we also promote absolute destruction – sonically, physically, socially, spiritually and mentally. If that happens to entail destroying part of the package we worked so hard to make, it was all part of the greater plan and should be considered an acceptable casualty in the pursuit of understanding. Anti-cassettes are our extension of that idea, promoting physical alteration to a degree that it would appear unplayable or damaging to perform in its presented state… They are obstacles designed to provide tangible insight into otherwise abstract concepts, and we encourage the listener to perform whatever tasks are necessary to hear the audio.”

I did my best to showcase AA’s genre variety, to not play artists I’ve repped on AGB before, and to play songs that are difficult to hear in their physical form (which I was able to do because they celebrated their 100th release a few years ago by putting out a microSD card with all the music from their releases including everything from the traditional 12″ LP to the locked grooves and 7 second tape loops).

So much amazing art to appreciate in so many different forms. Thanks x1000000, Auris Apothecary.

Background music: Unholy Triforce – Transcriptions (from Transcriptions)

00:00:00 Dante Augustus Scarlatti – Vinyl Etchings Containing Hymns Of The Sacred Greek Orthodox Funeral (from Demises Of The Dynamic Microphone [In Monodelity])
00:06:06 Talk break
00:09:46 Icuab Drain – Sleeping Beast (from Icuab Drain, You’re Uncomfortably Sane)
00:13:32 Hail Architeuthis! – Void [Society’s Infernal Holocaust] (from The Horseman Who Revived Organic Institutions)
00:16:29 Iw – A Cancer To Spare Us (from Death Patterns)
00:31:13 Talk break
00:32:27 The Gentlemen’s Butcher – Movement 1:39 (from Preservation: Consistent Melodic Passages Enhanced With Clouds Of Aural Opiates)
00:34:06 Pendra Gon – Thixophobia (from Mu Blaksids Nogard Nep)
00:35:41 Pusdrainer – Side One (from Worms Beneath Thy Cold Flesh)
00:46:25 Unholy Triforce – Side Two (from Sandin’ Yr Vagina)
00:53:01 False Flag – Lucre: Part II (from Lucre/Teeth)
00:54:13 John Flannelly – Gold (from Spaced)
00:56:54 Semilanceata – Drauzma Gestalt Domnar (from En Wallmoburen Myhr, Där Döön Grödha Mellom Bitter Root Ok Frucht)
01:01:11 Talk break
01:04:21 Hidenori Maezawa & Kyouhei Sada – Alien Lair (from Contra)
01:06:25 Hidenori Maezawa & Kyouhei Sada – Boss Battle (from Contra)
01:08:28 Hymnal Bruise – Movement I (from untitled AAX-057)
01:20:04 (((o))) – Parte Dos (from Fuego Somos, Fuego Seremos: Roars And Abstractions)
01:24:04 Mike IX Williams – Side Two (from Glass Torn And War Shortage: The Purposeful Poisoning Of A Shardless Society)
01:31:17 Talk break
01:33:01 The Constants – Darkness Of The Night (from No Organ)
01:37:24 Lord Fyre – Drinking Away Demons (from Destruction At 2013)
01:45:02 Baroke Misty Queens – Tacked Into It (from Tacked Into It)
01:47:09 Morsunda – Cacophony Of Vertical Horror (from Analogital)
01:50:49 HOU – Falling Lakes (from Serene Summation Of Years Past)
01:56:36 Deserter – Moon Pool (from Sister Cities)
01:58:37 Talk break