8 Years Ago, Auris Apothecary Entered This Earth

March 3, 2017 | Featured

Another year, another wrinkle, another step towards death.

8 years old means we're finally at that age where we're intelligent enough to not kill ourselves playing with knives, but still too stupid to not fuck with fire.

As always, big things in the pipeline for the future, but for now, we're firmly planted in 2017: "the Anti Year."

The first order of business is the arrival of three new releases:

AAX-135 : Shrouded Elk - Absolute Dominion

12" lathe-cut laserdisc | Edition of 50

A short but intense return from Shrouded Elk, featuring hi-fi black metal calling for humanity's end on recycled laserdiscs with screen-printed B-sides.

AAX-134 : The Butcher - Churn America

one-sided 7" lathe cut [black] | Edition of 60

Ultra-short, ultra lo-fi grindcore featuring carnival-esque organs, distorted dirges, and screeching vocals. Material that has been marinating for 18 years.

AAX-158 : Lather. - Shredding the Cone

anti-cassette C85 [TYPE II Chrome] | Edition of 42½

Unrepentant harsh noise crafted from trash electronics and blown speakers, dubbed onto sonic-weld cassettes with the spindle teeth removed.

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