Drekka's "Call to Prayer" Now Available

February 3, 2017 | Featured

UPDATE: Sold Out in 12 hours!

We're proud to announce the arrival of Drekka's brand new lathe cut single "Call to Prayer."

“Call to Prayer” is an esoteric experience that serves as a physical manifestation of a truly intangible feeling. The recording was captured from a rooptop in Kadiköy, Istanbul, while DREKKA was on tour passing through Turkey, and features the distant but penetrating soundwaves of the Islamic call to prayer as they rang throughout the city from blown out PA speakers and windows, drifting like a mist into the ears of all who were near. The micro-tonal singing is dissonant yet spiritually rich, and forms a dense tapestry when blended with the additional layers of Optigan organ and vocals added by DREKKA. The weight of centuries of civilization can be felt in the prayer, and the somber soundscapes that DREKKA weaves further the timeless nature of the recording.

“Call to Prayer” has been lathe cut in mono one at a time into 8″ squares of white polycarbonate, enhancing the lo-fidelity experience of witnessing the actual call to prayer in real life, and we recommend both 33.3 and 45 rpm playback for differing but equally poignant listening variations. The label features the same artwork as the cloth bag, but upon playback of the record it becomes a hypnotic, rotating, quasi-animated sequence of patterns that help aid in meditative practices.

Tonight is also Black Mass XLII - our 42nd event since we started the series. We're featuring the ambient sounds of Dante Augustus Scarlatti, Tyler Damon, and Drekka, and it will be happening at our venue the Artifex Guild. More info can be found on the event page here on our site or on Facebook.