Nature in a Jar #1

Released July 19, 2009



The white-noise of tape blends with faraway acoustic guitar dirges which carry through the gusts of a hurricane to form an unrelenting atmosphere. The literal sound of dead trees and drying fields being manifested with the dark spirits of nature in Autumn.


Recycled brown-paper grocery bag scroll with silver silk-screened skeleton print. Title, tracklisting and inside information hand-typed on a vintage typewriter. Also includes natural specimens procured from recording location, placed in a hand-sewn pull string pouch. Music recorded onto unspooled ¼" reel tape tied with black embroidery thread, all contained within a recycled spice jar. Hand-numbered potion bottle insert in lid.


A1 - 04:30 - Midwestern Hurricane Aftermath
B1 - 03:30 - Exposed Arboreal Catacomb