Preservation : Consistent Melodic Passages Enhanced With Clouds of Aural Opiates

Released January 30, 2010



Melodic guitar loops delayed into infinity with layer upon layer of repetitive tranquility. Opium scented cassette tape slowly releases aroma upon playback, heated gently by the rolling motion of tape gliding across the magnetic tape heads, ensuring an environment of total relaxation enhanced by pleasant audible stimulation.


Black opium-scented cassette with vertically-aligned full color artwork labeling, housed inside of a black/clear hardshell norelco case with high-resolution, full color plotter-printed artwork. Serial information printed on white adhesive paper with hand-stamped numbering in sky blue ink.


A1 - 01:39 - Movement 1:39
A2 - 09:47 - Movement 9:47
A3 - 07:25 - Movement 7:25
B1 - 07:05 - Movement 7:05
B2 - 11:49 - Movement 11:4