Sandin' Yr Vagina

Released January 31, 2010



Experimental material scrapes, drones and eeriness drowned out in a tape-saturated wall of harsh power electronics and disturbingly-active silence. Quite literally a maelstrom of wood, glass and metal mastered through the process of octillion grains of sand malevolently grinding across tape-heads, producing an immediate and relentless destruction of the listener's equipment, eardrums and rational thinking.


3M/Scotch-brand black coarse emery cloth tape wrap sealed by a black wax seal. Transparent prison shell cassettes filled with 3 shades of ritualistic sand, labeled with NOS black label-maker embossing tape. Tape/sand tabs courtesy of Scotch Magic tape. Inside information on grey cardstock with black laser printing. Serial numbers hand-etched with nail onto back of cassette shells.


A1 - 06:30 - Side One
B1 - 06:30 - Side Two