Are Dead

Released February 11, 2010



HUMANS possess an unbridled punk fury and a penchant for the absurd, with songs clocking in under 20 seconds and describing glimpses of humanity's most bizarre thoughts. Their debut album, Are Dead, was released purposefully on cassette tape to capture all of the slimy bass riffage weaving in and out of the blasting percussion on true analog goodness. All of the warbles from out of tune guitar strings being bent, beneath the tape hiss and amplifier static of DIY gear make this album a true punk rock gem.


White cardstock tape wrap with silkscreened grey and black artwork. Horizontal vellum obi wrap with black laser printing, black wax seal and hand-stamped serial number. Pumpkin orange and ivy leaf green spray painted tapes with sawdust texturing. Auris bottle hand-painted; title information, release and serial number handwritten in white paint on cassette shell.


01 - 00:57 - Carry On
02 - 01:33 - Gentlemen
03 - 00:23 - Don't Drop that Owl Boy!
04 - 00:43 - Good Evening
05 - 01:43 - Tonight...
06 - 00:17 - Chicken
07 - 00:57 - The Return Of ______
08 - 01:30 - Cougars