Spring of 2010 EP

Released April 14, 2010

  • format: 3" CDr | -
  • edition size: 85
  • duration: 00:19:41
  • accessibility:


Auris is pleased to present the debut 5-song demo of our good friends FAIR FJOLA. Based out of northern Indiana, FAIR FJOLA create a unique blend of vintage Americana flavored heavily with indie-pop sensibilities and classic rock swagger. Truly nostalgic and entirely Midwestern, FAIR FJOLA has a sound all their own created from an intricate and varied use of acoustic and electric guitars, piano, synths, harmonica, ukelele, bass and drums.


Recycled 8-track shells in 5 colors with black inkjet printing onto 5 colors of woven-textured cardstock. 8 page circular cut-out booklet with black inkjet printing and brown hemp binding. 3" CDr with 5 colors of rubber stamping onto clear center and clear labels with illustration. Serial number stamped with black ink. Cases held shut with 8-track tape tied into bow.


01 - 04:28 - Settle
02 - 03:41 - Brown Leaves
03 - 04:29 - Indian Summer
04 - 04:12 - Seemingly Safe
05 - 02:52 - Waltz