Untitled Tape Loop [I]

Released April 17, 2010



UNHOLY TRIFORCE continues their descent into the abstract with a nearly 7-second tape loop of a sound that will play (and haunt) for eternity. The audible signal comes from vintage Norwegian reel to reel tape which was used to record data from oceanographic instruments in Hawaii in the early 1980's. The loops are cut from the traces of data still left on the tape; vestiges of magnetic particles translated into audio from a vintage scientific machine whose solo purpose is tracking activity in the oceanic depths.


2 mL glass vial with corktop containing chrome unspooled ¼" tape loop on vintage Norwegian tape. Clear labels with inkjet-printed 3-color unholy triforce. Contained in small ziploc bag with 3 colors of printing on adhesive labels. Serial number in black ink on back of label.


A1 - ∞ - Side One
B1 - ∞ - Side Two