The Magnetic South Recordings

Released April 16, 2010



Auris Apothecary is proud to announce our first label collaboration with fellow Bloomington cassette-only label MAGNETIC SOUTH [who live down the road]! Featuring an entirely-analog recording of the psychedelic sounds of Knoxville, TN's NEW MADRID, violin and fuzzed-out guitars meet combo organs and groove-building percussion to create an acid-drenched experience. Comparable to walking through beaded curtains and being transformed into the desert in the 1960's, complete with tape echoes trailing into the distance and crickets chirping in the night.


Eco-friendly brown paper envelopes with 3-color inkjet printing in green/yellow/brown and serial number stamped in brown ink. Vintage [1987] Norelco hardshell case containing recycled kraft cardstock with 3-color inkjet printing. Artwork rubber-stamped in green/yellow/brown ink on white cassette shell. Envelope sealed with metallic bronze wax.


A1 - 15:00 - The Holy Hoop Shall Run
B1 - 15:00 - Trash Island