Illuminated Offerings

Released July 18, 2010

  • format: microcassette MC60 |
  • edition size: 25
  • duration: 01:00:00
  • accessibility:


A lo-fi adventure in tranquil meditation blends with the relaxing aroma of therapeutic scents to create an environment where time stands still and all troubles are forgotten. Let DEEP MAGIC guide you there with Illuminated Offerings, an abstract release containing 3 movements of deep atmospheres on the minimal fidelity of microcassettes, housed within a soothing aromatherapy candle. Burn the candle and release the powers of scent in order to free the microcassette, only available for listening once aromatic nirvana has been achieved.


Hand-dyed/poured/scented 5" tall candle with either light blue or light green bottom and viewing window cut into side to display cover artwork. Multiple panel, full-color inkjet-printed artwork in clear hardshell case, with flame art on clear label for hand-stamped serial numbering. Transparent microcassette shell with 3-color inkjet printing on white labels. Title/label info printed on white cardstock dipped in wax; serial number stamped in teal. Auris wax branding on bottom.


A1 - 30:00 - Side One
B1 - 30:00 - Side Two