Air Pu(t)rifier

Released September 14, 2010



"An experiment in digital scent distribution through the warming of compact discs, containing soundtracks to air both pleasant and putrid in odor." (from the packaging)

Quite literally a CDr with black pepper, cinnamon or rosemary adhered to the surface in the shape of a triforce, designed with the sole purpose of emanating scent by means of the inherent characteristics of compact disc playback. Strung up and ready for rear-view mirrors, Air Pu(t)rifier presents a regression in musical composition to further the evolution of sensory stimulation.


Silver-top, black bottom CDr's with triforces made of rosemary, pepper and cinnamon. Clear vinyl sleeve with inkjet-printed clear labels. Release and serial number etched into bottom of disc. Holes drilled through tip of triforce with white elastic string for hanging.


01 - 10:00 - Good Air
02 - 10:00 - Bad Air