7th Grade is a Drag

Released January 27, 2011



Formed in the Spring of 2006 through a family picnic, LITTLE ORPHEUS AND THE ROGUE LYONS is a raucous combination of sounds and souls presenting garage rock in its most honest form, straight out of the brains of a 13 year old. Featuring combo organs, cheap drums and lyrics about pretty girls at school, 7th Grade is a Drag is a cassette-recorded gem that oozes summertime rebellion. Clocking in at just under 3 minutes total running time, the songs feel as if they've already lived another life as a dusty 45 rpm 7" that spun day and night on a trusty portable Califone. In honor of that idea, just such a vintage 7" has been melted and encased over each of the cassette cases, musty odors and all to ensure a most appropriate experience.


Vintage 7" vinyl 45's hand-melted over soft-plastic poly boxes spray painted in 3 colors. All labeling and art printed in black laserjet ink onto white rounded-corner stickers, with cassette tapes that are sprayed in 3 colors with randomly varying patterns, stamped in white ink on the back.


A1 - 01:30 - Come On
B1 - 01:30 - Oh No