Released January 23, 2011

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Like a well-placed flame to the stocks of a banker, Lucre/Teeth is a scathing proverb of the dangers in government-sponsored economics/terrorism in a modern society. Recorded in minimal volumes for maximum effect then amplified into oblivion, FALSE FLAG throws the listener into walls of seething, tearing drones that dissipate as quickly as they arrive. Two floppies presenting two distinct topics provide the perfect medium of delivery; obsolete formats for obsolete ideals.


Obi wrap with pyramid-cut viewing window and foldable inside sleeve, both made of white railroad board with black laserjet printing. Frosted gold pyramid seal with black laserjet printing, all sealed by a black wax seal. Serial numbering in gold ink.


LUCRE DISK - 01 - 01:11 - Part I
LUCRE DISK - 02 - 01:11 - Part II
TEETH DISK - 01 - 01:11 - Part I
TEETH DISK - 02 - 01:11 - Part II