Gospel Cassingle (Volume 2)

Released April 01, 2011

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EDDY PRICE returns for the second installment in his series of cassingles which recreate and pay homage to old gospel hymns from another era. This time around, the tracklisting includes the timeless  "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" with lyrics faithfully adapted to align with EDDY's rockabilly lifestyle, as well as the addition of a bass guitar throughout the whole recording. Starting on this volume and continuing with each cassingle, a new instrument will be added to the mix until the climactic final chapter with an entire ensemble.


Clear hardshell cases with grey spraypaint stencil of wheel on cover. Grey cardstock with grey inkjet printing. Spray-painted cassettes with art stamped in silver ink, serial numbers in grey ink.


Track 01 - 01:51 - Take my Hand Precious Lord
Track 02 - 01:42 - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot