Granular Momentum Exchange

Released July 29, 2011

  sold-out   DIGITAL


Anybody who is familiar with Bloomington, IN's music scene has surely come across the eclectic individual known as ROB FUNKHOUSER. Donning thick-framed glasses and his trademark Hawaiian shirts, ROB FUNKHOUSER creates experimental compositions which employ a variety of household objects being rhythmically assaulted in a truly organized fashion. Featuring his harshest work to date, Granular Momentum Exchange is an hour-long experience into the abrasive, coupling Rob's homemade instruments with his Music school composition precision.


Full-color artwork in hardshell case with transparent cassettes inked along their spine in dark blue. Serial number in black ink.


A1 - 29:24 - Lotus Unfolding
B1 - 27:35 - Gas to Liquid Via Otographic Tympanum