Released July 31, 2011

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Proving the power of modern audio programs as tools for composition, "non-musician" John Flannelly channels the spirits of retro space-travel without ever picking up an instrument, save for a simple synthesizer on select passages. Created almost entirely with the free program Audacity, Spaced presents sounds alien yet familiar, retro yet full-frequency, obnoxious but curiously intriguing. While coming off as seemingly schizophrenic at times, the songs bounce back and forth between explorations of planetary surfaces and a lone spaceman's thoughts seamlessly, weaving a unique journey into the lo-fidelity of outer space.


Full color printing on glossy cardstock with 3 inkjet-printed inserts on vellum. Hand-carved planet stamp on tapes in blue ink, serial number stamped in black ink.


A1 - 01:45 - Friendly
A2 - 02:43 - Gold
A3 - 01:03 - Place of Interest
A4 - 03:34 - Eat the Flesh of Kings
A5 - 01:17 - Bronze
A6 - 02:22 - Vision Quest
B1 - 07:52 - Spaced
B2 - 02:54 - Manhunter
B3 - 03:36 - Tomb