Spring of 1970 EP

Released August 09, 2011

  sold-out   DIGITAL


In the hazy basements of local analog havens, an audio experience has been blooming at a remarkably organic rate. Sitar Outreach Ministry, comprised of a sitar, electric guitar and numerous unique instruments, has been planting the seeds of meditative grooves for only a few years in the Bloomington scene but have left quite an impact on listeners new and old. Featuring a cover of the classical piece "the Rites of Spring" as well as a slowed-down psychedelic wall on the b-side, the Spring of 1970 EP is presented on yellow tapes and is packaged in eco-friendly brown paper envelopes wrapped in fresh sunflower leaves with a packet of magical seeds.

Notice: Track A1 is actually a cover of Edvard Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King," and was titled wrong on the master.


Eco-friendly brown paper sleeves with 3 color inkjet printing, inside sunflower leaf wrap tied with twine. Miniature manila envelope with black printing containing 1 black and 1 white magical sunflower seed. Tapes labelled from factory with "1970" on spine.


A1 - 04:00 - the Rites of Spring
B1 - 04:25 - the Spring of Rites