Brainwave Saturation

Released February 13, 2012

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A blackened affair in all realms, Brainwave Saturation is the culmination of collaboration between two artists devoted wholly to the bleak and abrasive. Dubbed onto recycled cassettes for the proper fidelity level of audio destruction, the recording presents 3 sessions totaling almost 80 minutes of harsh soundscapes, dissonant guitar wailing and a foreboding sense of eeriness which hits its crescendo at all the appropriate moments.

Notice: Brainwave Saturation has been dubbed onto recycled audiobooks from the local library's unwanted stock that have been played an unknown amount of times in possibly despicable environments. The fidelity is in perfect balance with the concept, and we condone any flaws which may arise from it.


Recycled hardshell cases with laser-printed black and white artwork on white cardstock, covered by blue or orange overlay inkjet-printed onto transparency paper. Brainscan insert printed onto transparency paper in black and orange/blue ink. Recycled white tapes covered with inkjet-printed paper labels, small info sticker inside case taken from same pages. Serial number in white ink inside case.


A1 - 39:22 - 08.05.11
B1 - 19:33 - 08.11.11
B2 - 20:46 - 08.12.11